Tiffany Bloss

Insured, Certified Aromatherapist
Crystal Therapist
Reiki Practitioner Level II

How it all began….

Thank you for your interest in my story. We all know these stories start somewhere – somewhere there was a need. Mine is no different….
These days, most everyone has heard the buzz around essential oils. You may be a firm believer, you may have dabbled on occasion, or you may be a total skeptic. When I first heard of essential oils, I was one of the skeptics. How could a tiny little drop of an oil really help?
So, I truly have to thank my husband for getting us involved in essential oils. A few summers ago, amidst all the buzz of “the oily life” in our community, we were getting ready to go out of town on vacation. My husband is an avid golfer and also works on a golf course. A few days before we were leaving, he was changing cups on the golf course and injured his wrist pretty good. He tried everything to relieve the pain. Over the counter medications, creams, ice/heat – nothing would help. He would get temporary relief and then the pain and swelling would be back and he would lose range of motion. The day before we were leaving, he had been voicing his frustrations of having to go on vacation with an injury. I was scrolling through Facebook and just happened to see yet another post about oils and said, “Hey, maybe essential oils could help you.”
I wasn’t totally being serious, but he took right to the idea. My husband is a very open-minded kind of guy and so I connected with a friend and told them what was going on and they said to come right over and they would hook us up. We were given a blend of essential oils and told how to apply them topically to my husband’s wrist. That was it! A tiny couple of drops was supposed to make things better? Yeah, ok. We will see…..

Essential Oils Changed Our Lives

The first afternoon we got the essential oils, we applied them as we were instructed. We weren’t quite sure what was going to happen, or how long it would take. It wasn’t long! An hour after we applied, I asked my husband how he was feeling. He was able to move his wrist all around and the swelling and pain were significantly lower. Did they really work?!? We applied again before bed, and again the next morning. After those three times, we never had to apply essential oils on his wrist for this issue – it was completely back to normal! We couldn’t believe it!! What are these little magical droplets that had relieved his pain? I needed to know more…
I began researching and reading everything I could on essential oils. There was so much information! Then, one day when I had my computer out reading an article, my oldest child (11) saw what I was doing and asked, “Hey mom, can essential oils help me?” THAT was a million dollar question…

Back Story:

When my oldest was little (5), we had begun a life of medical procedures, surgeries, and medications. There were a lot of gastrointestinal (GI) issues that caused 3/4 of the large intestine to be removed, a malformed bladder, a port in the belly for manual flushing, and self-cathing every three hours around the clock by age nine. More than three hours a day was spent in the bathroom. All of this came to a halt when my child saw this as the life ahead. At age nine, the first suicide attempt was made. This began the next two years in and out of psychiatric hospitals, so many medications I couldn’t even count, and our family being flipped upside down. After spending 18 months in and out of our local hospital, sometimes for a couple weeks, sometimes for a month or two, my oldest was sent three hours away to a high intensive hospital for four solid months of treatment. Treatment was successful and we were all reunited at home just two months before we were first introduced to essential oils.
Could they help this situation? I had no idea, but my curiosity was peaked. I know they helped my husband, almost magically – maybe they could do something? If nothing else, it was worth a try.
I began researching even more than I had been before and looking into more specifics on how essential oils work in the body. The Internet can be incredibly overwhelming. I was coming across so many contradicting articles and so much information I didn’t know what was right and what wasn’t. Then I came across a few articles about essential oil safety – you had to be careful with these natural products? Oh yes you did!
I knew I need to be SMART when it came to essential oils and my child. So, instead of just trying to sort through the hundreds of different things I had read, I turned my research to finding a reputable aromatherapy school. After looking, I found one about an hour away and registered.
If I was going to be using these essential oils on my family, I wanted to make sure I was using them the right way. Aromatherapy school was absolutely amazing! The knowledge about utilizing essential oils in a safe way, how to choose what oils to use, and using them safely was completely priceless to me.
Throughout my classes, I worked with a couple case studies to practice assessments and utilizing essential oils – all with tremendous success. I began doing extensive research on my child and trying different things, in a safe manner. Six months later, I was happy to report that the GI flushing had been stopped. The self-cathing had been stopped. The daily medications had been stopped.* It was all incredible! I could not believe it. So much so, we went back to visit our specialty hospital more than 10 hours away from us so they could run some tests to show us that medically, the issues had been resolved as well. Everything came back conclusive and we were given their blessing to continue utilizing essential oils as our form of balancing the body.
If I could help my family and a few friends on this level, who else could I help?

The Birth of Naturally Balanced

While in aromatherapy school, the essential oil buzz was growing in my community. Most people were finding out about essential oils by word of mouth and by Googling things on the Internet. As I sat in class, I learned about the critical information that was necessary to know in order to use essential oils in the safest way possible. I worried for the people around me. I started holding classes in my community so I could help teach others about essential oil benefits and use. We talked about how to blend properly, different things you can use them for, and most importantly, safety. Along with teachings, I also started to create some products for my family to use. Then, friends started requesting things and word of mouth kept growing and Naturally Balanced was born! We specialize in creating essential oil blends that can help balance the body in a natural way.
Beyond essential oils, we also create herbal tinctures and have come into the world of Crystals and Reiki. Both are excellent compliments to essential oils and help enhance the life that we are all destined to live. Always feel free to ask questions and inquire about blends we haven’t created yet.
Enjoy living your Naturally Balanced life!
*We do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.