Motivation…….Where are you?

Its been two weeks since I started the website.   What have I done since then…..not a thing!  Ugh….I did decide this morning to download the WordPress app so maybe I can upload the blog posts a little more frequently.  Just have to wait and see if it’ll actually work. 

It has been a very busy two weeks and I have been focusing on the business.  I’ve been fulfilling orders for clients and have done quite a bit of Reiki lately.  It seems to be becoming very popular and does amazing things for people.   My husband has even requested it.   He is an avid golfer and is in the process of a three day tournament in the area.   Thursday, the night before it started, he asked me for a session so he could be in the right state of mind for the weekend.   Hopefully it works! 

Funny Side Track Story:

Last night as we were sleeping, he flailed in the middle of the night and I ended up with knuckles to the face…  This morning he tells me what happened. He was dreaming and getting ready in front of a mirror. He felt something strange against his lower back and checked it out. There was a plant growing out of his side with a massive insect on it.  He said he tried to pull it off and it was all attached to him, as part of him. When he grabbed it, the insect buzzed hard and he said it made his whole back vibrate. That freaked him out and that’s when he flailed, hit me, and woke up.  Lol. Good times! 

Anyway, it’s another Saturday with the kids gone, the husband off golfing, and me with an empty schedule.  I WILL get started on the store part of the website!    Two months is what I give myself to get it done and I really want to because the website is great and I want to share it with all of you!!