Time to Build A Website


Ok, so I have had my business for two years now.  I have been meaning to create a website for it…..for two years now. My major excuse was always that I didn’t have the time to do it. Would it help me be much more successful? Yeah, it would – no brainer. But I could never find the time to sit and look at how to do it.  I was smart int he fact I purchased my domain name when the idea first came to me. I’ve just been sitting on it for two years, haha!

I have one of those super smart techy computer brothers so I reached out to him – can he help? Point me in the direction of someone I can pay to set it up for me? No, what does he say? “It isn’t that hard, you can do it.” Yes, I am sure I could, but it takes sooooo long! So, on the shelf the idea remained.

Something ignited in me FINALLY this weekend and I sat down to REALLY do some work on it. Turns out, it really isn’t that hard. But, yes, it takes A LOT of time. Yesterday was Saturday and I worked on it for about 7 hours.  Today, it’s been about 5 so far.  My goal this first weekend was to get all of the pages pretty much set – other than the store.   I have over 150 products to add to the store…pictures, descriptions, pricing…..I get a headache just thinking of how long it is going to take to type all of that up. But, I am trying my very best to commit myself to doing an hour or two every day and then having my website up and ready to be published by the end of the summer. Will it happen? We shall see…..

Hope you enjoy the ride along with me. I will be blogging about updates being made, my own personal story and more background on the business, and then a LOT of things that come to mind about being Naturally Balanced. Essential Oils, Crystals, Reiki, Angels, Auras, Numerology, etc……. The possibilities are endless.   I will likely throw in some funny stories in there too – my home life is quite entertaining.

If there’s ever a topic you want to know more about, just let me know and we will add it!   I am hoping to blog at least twice a week – sometimes more, depending on that nagging thing called time.

For now, thanks for your loyalty and enjoy!